Sustainability Consulting Firm

GAIA Consulting Group is an integrated sustainability consulting firm with a proven system of identifying the most impactful and cost-effective business strategies to maximize return on investment, while lessening your company's impact on the environment. Doing what is right for the environment is a concept that has existed for centuries. Connecting sustainable efforts to your company's bottom line is a relatively new approach with proven results.

Industry-Leading Expertise

We can help your company strategically gain maximum value for your sustainable efforts. This includes quantifying your achievements through environmental reporting systems, obtaining green industry certifications, increasing your public relations, improving your marketing and discovering new revenue channels.

We will demonstrate how you can integrate economic, environmental and social responsibility into your company’s corporate strategy. GAIA specializes in assessment, design, implementation, measurement and optimization of sustainable business opportunities. Demonstrating that economic and environmental success go hand in hand, GAIA Consulting Group donates a percentage of annual revenue to environmental organizations.

Take Action Now

   Control operating costs, optimize efficiencies and improve total return
   Distinguish your company from the competition and stay ahead of new government          regulations
   Increase your company's recognition and enhance brand image to the public
   Generate revenue through new sources
   Benefit from immediate identification of cost-saving opportunities and short-term return          on investment
   Increase value to stakeholders and increase satisfaction of employees